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How do I fit the essence of a human being into one page?

Hello online world. My name is Maria Isabel Deleon-Lara. I am very proud of my long Hispanic name. My family calls be Marisabel (yup the 2 names chucked up together) or Chabela. To a few I am Ria, Mariah, Wifey and to two lucky adorable boys I go  by mom. I have been engaged to the father of my children for 9 years and together for 10. Yeah...I may have commitment issues since I have yet to take the plunge.

I have many career aspirations. My main one being becoming a Broadway star! Being that I can't hold a tune to save my life I have let go of the dream of becoming a triple threat. People always tell me "I know you can do anything." The problem is I want to do EVERYTHING. Just yesterday I thought I would make a good scientist.

The only constant in my life is that I love pretty things and I love making pretty things. Also I am a very quiet individual whoironically has a lot to say. Writing is the best way for me to express myself. So natural I wanted to be a writer. I do like to read but I don't finish every book. As soon as something happens that I disagree with, I will automatically tune out. This happens in real life situations as well.

My obsession of wanting to have just about any career led to my obsession to make everything I see on Pinterest! I once saw a Pin that read Pinterest: Pinning all the crafts you'll never do, decorations you'll never have, recipes you'll never make etc. I took it as a challenge. If I know I wouldn't do it I wont pin it.

So the sum of all my parts has brought me to this point.

If you are too shy to comment or want to ask me something you can email me at

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