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Monday, July 2, 2012

Mom's 70th Birthday!

I know it has been a while since I last published something. It's something that was on my to do list but not on my "must-be-done" list. Also I had not been in much of a good mood lately. I didn't want to write about anything gloomy but now I have a happy topic to blog about. Today is my mom's 70th Birthday! Meet my mother, Reina Isabel. My lovely mother. This is the mother of 3 kids, grandmother to 8+ (plus being all the "adopted" grandchildren she has gained along the way.) People say I neither look like her nor have her personality, I kinda take the lather as offensive. My mom has an awesome personality, are they trying to tell me I don't?

I have never seen 70 look so good! Everyone is always shocked when I tell people her age. I know what you are thinking: "How dare you tell people your mother's real age!" But lying, or being secretive about her age is not my mom's style. She is not ashamed of who she is or what she is. And she shouldn't. What she is... is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S.

My mother is such a lovable person. She will talk to everyone & anyone. This woman is a ball of sunshine. She is the hardest worker & doesn't live to impress other people. When ever she wears something that may be viewed as "outdated" & I try to encourage her to change her outfit she tells me: "I don't dress for other people, I like to wear what I like." Did I mention she is also wise? My mother has more amazing qualities than anyone I know. I wanted her to feel as special as she is for her birthday. Even though there was no million dollar party ( she would just say is a waste of money) she had a happy birthday. All her kids & grand-kids (one in spirit) were gathered just for her.

My one & only niece.

I had found this awesome idea to make a picture collage on pinterest. My only niece, my mother's 1st & only granddaughter, scanned a bunch a pictures of my mom & emailed them to me. I edited them & printed them through snapfish. They have really good quality prints. Forming the pictures into a huge 70 was a headache. I wanted it to be perfect. I must have built it about 5 times until I was pleased with the look of it. It took me like 3 hours, nothing compared to the 10 hours of labor she endured for me =)

My mom & I don't live in the same city. I try to visit every 3 months. Her birthday is a must! What's a birthday without balloons! My niece & I both agreed on the colors. I liked silver for it's elegance & the yellow for sunshine & happiness...all qualities my mom possesses.

My nephew, sister-in-law, niece, mom, son, dad & my parent's adoptive granddaughter.

The celebration was at my brother's house. We were celebrating his birthday which was the night before. At midnight we started celebrating my mom's birthday. The girls got all dressed up for the occasion.

My oldest, Jayden, fell asleep. But his little brother, Tristan, was up to help grandma start her birthday with a bang. Learn a little more about them here.

My mom loved her "70" collage. I can't wait to celebrate her 80th birthday!

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