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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Adventures in Crafting: Minecraft Skeleton/Bow/Pig

Sooooooo LAST MINUTE I decided that I needed to dress up with the kids for Halloween. Tomorrow is the Cub Scout Pack Halloween party. What minecraft character could I be with them? I thought about being a TNT block or a Grass block but then I chose the skeleton. Lucky for me I had a diaper box already painted silver!

The outfit is totally easy. Find a black pair of pants and a black long sleeve shirt and duct tape it! Like this one here! Of course I am no where skinny as her. I felt a little apprehensive about how I would look but I said F*** it! I am doing this for the kids! I asked Jayden, "Do you think I am too fat for this?" and he replied "Mom, skeletons come in all shapes and sizes." Gotta love that kid!

I started working on my bow. It helped that I had left over foam board and foam sheets from my sword and pick ax project and by now I am a pro at cutting stencils and foam! And by pro I mean I take a bit less time then my first attempt. I opted out of cutting individual squares!

1) First I cut out the stencil using a grid poster board.
2) Using the stencil I cut out the foam pieces that would cover the foam board front and back.
3) Once again using the stencil I cut out the foam board. I used my paper trimmer to grid the foam sheets.Then I glued the foam sheets onto the foam board using good old fashion elmer's glue.
4) Finally I painted the bow accordingly.

To my surprise, the hubby decided to join in the fun. Of ALL the characters in minecraft we decided to make him a pig!. Yes I said the pig, to many he is Jeffrey. He wore a pair of my pink skinny jeans, a pink polo shirt and the helmet I made him last minute. I think it came out pretty damn awesome!

It was fun and exciting!

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