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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blogging...a new frontier.

In my mind I live in this fascinating world. Sixty percent is completely made up, forty percent is a reflection of my real life. Have fun figuring out which posts are autobiographical and which are pure fiction! I am a little like the Owen Wilson character from Midnight in Paris. Tragedy has never struck me although I am overly dramatic. My relationship is  was not a Disney fairy tale however I love passionately. I am not in the running for the "Mother of The Year" award but to my children I am the best mom in the world. I once defined myself as a half-ass over-achiever. Blogging is something I have considered for a while now. Before this post  I had my blogger account for 2 years This seems like good practice for writing a book, which by the way, is on my bucket list. My friend "V" gave me the idea to call my book IdiosynCRAZY! It's suppose to be a memoir of my life experience/perception. I can only hope to be as funny as David Sedaris. I first read his work (Naked) sophomore year of High School. Ah sophomore year, those were some good times.

Most of my blogs will be extremely random. I have a tendency to get off subject both in verbal conversation as well as in written form. It's more severe in writing. I am trying to start off a photography business. I have mostly worked in a portrait studio. Best job in the world! It changed my life. I met my ex hubby  ( we are not legally married but have been together for 8,  9 10 0 years now) through a co-worker, who later became my best friend and has been trying to make me her sister-in-law. The ex hubby and I have 2 beautiful sons together. This world is made for a family of four so we don't have any intention of having anymore kids. Photography is a passion of mine, but I get aggravated when I can't capture an image the way I see it through my eyes. I will be posting about my kids, my ex hubby (without his permission), my photography, my art and craft projects that I rip off from Pinterest, my past, my present and my future. So, as the title  of one of my favorite movies...AWAY WE GO! FYI, you will be seeing a lot of movie references. =)

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