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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Last Minute Brownie Points for Mother's Day

In the last week I have felt like a little kid right before Christmas. You know, when you act extra nice those few days before Christmas to make sure Santa Claus gets you everything you want. What would be the equivalent to Santa Claus for Mother's day?  

Dear Mother Goose I have been a really good little mom this year. Or maybe I am trying to make you forget my bad moments when "scream-free parenting" goes out the window.

I wanted to surprise Jayden after school on Friday. He always gets home starving. He always has to eat his "lunner" (The meal between Lunch & Dinner). It is a full blown meal that he has. Since Mother's Day is coming up I wanted to make it extra special. So I personalized his "lunner". This wasn't all he ate. He had a yogurt & a whole bowl filled with other fruit. Tristan was taking a nap so there was no personalized fruit salad for him.

Today I was determined to make the chocolate covered kiwi Popsicles I found on Pinterest. They should really have a "completed" button on there. =) The CCKP reminded me of Choco-Bananas I use to have in Jamaica, Queens. So I decided to to make those as well. I spoiled my hubby by making him chili last week (and again this week). 

My recipe called for one teaspoon of cocoa powder. It pained me to buy a whole container of cocoa powder just for one freaking teaspoon. Instead of melting chocolate bars I decided to make my own milk chocolate. Let me  take advantage of that left over cocoa. I used hershey's recipe for chocolate fondue, I used less sugar to make it only semi sweet. I love dark chocolate & so do my kids!

 After I dipped the already frozen kiwis & bananas I didn't know what to do. The chocolate needed time to harden. I quickly came up with an idea to get little mini curtain holders & hang them upside down in the freezer! I felt so ingenious! This was all my own idea. Pinterest had no part in this! I never think that fast on my feet. I had to make room in the freezer for this to work. The chocolate never hardened like I had hoped. But the popsicles were still awesome. Don't take my word for it. Just ask my critics. Rather yet see them devour their midday snacks. 

How about them apples? Or should I say...bananas & kiwis. Mother Goose... may all my Mother Day wishes come true. 

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  1. That chili looks do the choco pops!!! I know what you mean about Pinterest- I just made different pinboards for stuff I want to make and another for stuff I did actually make. Eh, works for me ;)


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