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Friday, May 25, 2012

Water Bottle Labels

Tomorrow is the last game for soccer. I like to call Jayden's team the bad news bears. They all have such potential. To all the kids, it's a social club. They barely listen to coach, who by the way, has the patience of a saint. We are on the roster for snacks. Last year there was a mishap with our snack game. It was around Halloween so the hubby & I went out. Jayden slept over his cousin's house. We woke up Saturday morning like at 11:00 am & on the way to pick up Jayden I felt like I had forgotten something. SOCCER! Even though every single Saturday we wake up early to go to soccer on this particular day it slipped our minds. The worst part was that we were responsible for snacks. I didn't even have the courage to face the team on the following practice so I sent the hubby to handle damage control. To make up for it, we bought the kids pizza on the last game of the season.

Apparently coach put us last on the snacks list to make sure we make it. I hope he's not expecting pizza again this year.

I decided to try to make this last game a little special. I made theme water bottle labels! This is good practice for me since I want to make the decorations for Tristan's 3rd birthday.
Now my printer obviously needs some maintenance. But this is really easy to make. Buy circular labels (these are 1" in diameter). Make your design on publisher. Print. Then stick your circles on 11/2" scalloped circles. Glue on a strip of 2X9 scrapbook paper & glue on scalloped circles to scrapbook paper.  I hope the kids find it cute.
I also put the labels on rice crispy treats.
I had a lot of fun making them.

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