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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I swear I am not un-interested!

Yesterday I received a phone call from my 3rd grader's school counselor. Even though I knew in the back of my mind what the phone call was about, as a parent you can't but assume the worst! After what felt like the longest introduction she added "Jayden is fine."

I don't know if it's my introvert nature or the fact that I had a mini panic attack, I didn't manage to give her more than one to two word responses. So when I hung up, I couldn't help but redo the conversation in my head.

So here we go:

Counselor: "Hi this is Jayden's counselor Mrs Huertas here at Endeavor Elementary."
Pu**y Me: (in my freak out tone) "O.K."
Bad A** Me: "Is everything Ok?! Oh hi Mrs. Huertas is this about Jayden's gifted screening? I didnt expect to get a call from you. I figured you would send a letter."

Counselor: "Jayden is fine"
Pu**y Me: "oh o.k."
Bad A** Me: "Oh thank goodness, you should have lead with that. Parents freak out when they get phone calls from school you know."

Counselor:" I screened Jayden today for gifted as requested"
Pu**y Me: "ok"
Bad A** Me: That's great. What did this test consist of? Did he pass with flying colors or he just barely make it?

Counselor: He passed the screening
Pu**y Me: O.K. (or "good", can't recall.)
Bad A** me: I figured he would (sounds douchy right? Probably why I didn't say it out loud.)

Counselor: Jayden is here with me. The school psychologist will do the rest of the testing. She does testing twice a week. The time frame for her to conclude the testing is 4-5 weeks. But it can just as easily be 2-3 weeks. But it is protocol to tell you 4-5 weeks. The testing will be done randomly so you won't have any notice as to when he will be tested. But no matter the results the psychologist will go over the results with you.
Pu**y Me: (feeling a little overwhelmed with all this information and feeling like I really didn't have a chance to squeeze any comments in this soliloquy ) "o.k thank you for letting me know"
Bad A** Me: Oh can I talk to Jayden to say hi and good job? What does the psychological test consist of?? I know all about protocols. I know how crazy and annoying parents can get but don't worry I am a considerate non smothering parent. Why does the testing take so long? Is it more than one test? Why is it random? Are you guys afraid of parents prepping their kids for these tests?

She must have thought I was super uninterested in the whole situation but I assure you I was not! I bet that's how I seem to many people. Sometimes I think I am too polite for my own good. I always worry about how I sound to other people. To make up for it I redo conversation and situations  in my head. The funny part is that Jayden is the same way and I always tell him "Don't give one word answers". Do you think it's nature or nurture? This was fun. I think I'll start posting the conversations I wished I had redone.

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