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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Commercials That Make Me Roll My Eyes!

So there are commercials I love and then there are those I loathe!
Currently there are two commercials that really irk me.  This being one of them:

Bitch, if you didn't care for art why did you go out on this date? How rude can you be?
My hatred for this commercial may have a lot to do with one of my biggest pet peeves: people that no longer can enjoy the real world because they have to constantly be on their phones to check on other's people's lives. What happened to "just live in the moment." Now it's about living in the past, living in other people's lives dealing with fake drama. 95% of what people post on Facebook is NOT influential.
I just thought this commercial was a disgrace to humanity.

Let my rant move on to commercial number two.

Really? "Share more family fun" Families can only have fun with $500 tablets and phones? The fact that these kids can't appreciate their dad  wanting to join in really irks my bones! Both these commercials bother me so much that they take all the words out of my mouth!

Simply put, these commercials are saying "hey everyone, let's eradicate human interactions, common decency and family bonding.

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