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Thursday, April 25, 2013

30 Before 30

A week ago I remembered that this year I turn 29. Contrary to the norm I am not freaking out about turning 30. Even though I am not where I expected to be by now, I have embraced all of the curve balls thrown at me in the past 10 years. I do have things that I want to accomplish before 30 though (even if I don't IT WILL STILL BE OK)

When I started making a list of the things I had only come up with 18 things. I decided to share them with my hubby and he was not impressed. Apparently, since skydiving is not on the list, then my entire list is boring. There are some things that people will find "blah" but it is what it is.

Click the links to read about the completion of each item.

I have only dyed my hair once in my life and it was junior year of high school. Even more blah, it was black. Since I think it may be seen as inappropriate in the business world to have pink hair I figured I should get it done before I am 30.


This one is also very close! I will graduate with my A.S. this summer and I won't stop there. I want to continue and get my Bachelors as well. 
I was a professional photographer before but I have never had my own company. I am going to school for business to have my own business. I have already taken the steps by honing my craft.
 A Moment In Time Photography will take off in the next year!

Make $50,000 whether from a job, my business or combination of both. If I win it in the lotto, hey I'll take that too.


Own a smartphone. I know, I know, this is one of the "boring" ones. But I don't have one yet. I am tired of people asking me "did you see the instagram picture I posted?" No, because I don't get instagram on my flip phone and you didn't share on Facebook!


Get my passport stamped...again. This is another wasted "bucket" item according to my hubby because I already have been outside of the country. In all fairness it was my Honduran passport that was stamp. My American (yes I said American when referring to the United States, get over it) has not yet been stamped! I even want to return to Paris and Florence. If I happen to see new cities while I am in Europe again, so be it.


Raise my credit score...enough said.

The car of my dreams use to be the Mini Cooper...when I was 18 and had no children. Now my dream car is whatever car that will last me 5 years, is safe and can hold 7 passengers. (I have to make room for grandparents).


In reality it's move out without in-laws. Or should I say, have my name on the lease. Because I am sure as soon as I move out of the in-laws house I am going to have to move in my recently retired parents. I really hope I win the lotto so I can get them a place down the street.

Let's get real. If I don't get fit by 30 it's safe to say that my odds for success will decrease with every year. Ideally I will like to complete a couch-to-5K challenge.


Lose 50 lbs. You may think that goes with getting fit. I can lose 50 lbs without being 50 and I can be fit without losing 50 lbs. So just be be safe I put them both. I really need to get my habit challenge completed!


Nobody wants to see a 30 year old hipster. Therefore I must be a hipster for a week while I am in my 20's. Also this would go in hand with number 1.

This is as daring as I would get. No skydiving nor scuba diving for me. I've never heard of anyone who died from paint balling. If it would include Zooey Deschanel then that would be AWESOME!

Learn to cook and do it more often. I call it my adventures in cooking because it is one CRAZY adventure. I can only cook if I have a recipe. Don't give me a bunch of ingredients and tell me you have 30 minutes to make me a meal. You will starve or get plain penne rigate pasta with good old fashion sauce from a jar!


Create a Family Tree for my boys. It's important for them to know who their ancestors are. Jayden was even lucky enough to meet his great grandparents on his dad's side. This tree would be digital.

Have a Lara-Smith family reunion. My mom has a huge family and we tolerate each other fairly well. The family used to be concentrated in NY. Now they are all over. Louisiana, California, Delaware, Ohio, New Jersey. I would love to plan this family reunion.

Go to a New Years party without the children.  I think at least 75% of my new years have been at home. If not my home someone else home and only like 2 parties were actual parties.


Take an updated family portrait. Look how tiny my Tristan was!

Take a creative writing class. How cliche! I think I have seen it in every movie. But oh well. 
I am more of an autobiographical writer. I would love to give fiction a try. Writing a children's book would be my first step then a teen thriller!

This I thought would be plain old fun! I would probably send it to an 18 year old that has just entered college as an encouraging letter.
ROAD TRIP!  My High School best friend and I had planned one straight out of High School but it never happened. I am not sure how plausible the whole bus idea is but a good old fashion road trip would do. Maybe something small like Florida to Illinois. Ideally,
Florida to New York for my next item on the list.
Living in NYC as a kid, my dad took me to see the Rockets. But I never saw a Broadway show. Ten years ago I went with my friend V and we saw an OFF Broadway play (I love you, you're perfect, now change!) It was a great play but it was no Wicked!

Besides being IN a Broadway show, my childhood dream was also to learn to play piano. If I can learn to play the Moonlight Sonata by 30 then I am good!

Ballroom dance has also been a childhood fantasy. I have watched Strictly Ballroom and Shall We Dance like a million times! The Tango is just the most fun!
Get Lasik! I am tired of contacts and eye glasses. I sound like a commercial! This would be conquering a fear of having lasers cutting up my eye!
I know I will not find enlightenment in the next year but at least I want to be on my way to the 8 fold path. There's a local Buddhist temple that I have been meaning to visit. They offer classes and meditation. I like many of the principles. Many of you think I am crazy for wanting to follow Buddhism but it's what I like.
I attended Halloweenie Roast once. But I don't count that. I am not sure why I don't count it. 
Before I am 30 I would like to party with teenagers! I mean legal teenagers. 18 and 19 year olds, that way I would not get arrested for corruption of a minor. I'll even go as high as 21. It will be my last hoorah before ACTUAL adulthood kicks in.
Like anyone in their late 20's I am concerned about whether or not I'll ever have a wedding. So it's on the list. I know, I know, I already have the family but I've never had a wedding. I don't want a shotgun wedding of "lets just go to the courthouse and get it done." Eww how unromantic and so not me! I want the whole shebang!


This may sound like a life goal but I think we should all be living our dreams everyday. 
Aiming for greatness every day and not letting obstacles bring you down is what growing up is all about. It's time to stop making excuses, stop blaming the world or anyone else. Live everyday with a purpose and that will be me living my dream before I turn 30 and everyday after.

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