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Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Dad: The Modern Day Riddler

I love my dad to death. I fear that Jayden has his sense of humor.

My dad has jumped on the Facebook bandwagon along with the rest of the baby boomers.  He only knows how to make comments on other people's statuses. He never updates his status. He just likes to read about other people's lives look at pictures and comment here and there.

The other day I shared this e-card on my timeline:

with my status stating "I concur"

My dad then replies with his usual cryptic message: "YES LEONARDO DE CARPIO...... Next time you are in Miami, you should go to any VALSAN store to see the arrangement's of their products."

My dad always likes to make references to things that no one could ever get at first glance. So of course I had to write "I don't get the reference dad" but he never explains because he knows that his comment will need a dramatically long explanation.

A week later I call him on the phone to chat and ask about how things have been and somewhere in the conversations he says "did you read my comment?"

My dad does not understand that Facebook is something that gets updated every 5 minutes and asking someone if they read the comment they posted a week ago is like asking what did you have for lunch on May 13th 1995. After he refreshed my memory he started to explain by first asking me if I knew who Leonardo DiCaprio was. "Yes Dad"
Then he adds "Do you remember that movie where he was chased by the FBI agent?"
Me: "Are you referring to 'Catch Me If You Can'?"
My dad: "Yes that one, well remember the scene where he is pretending to be a doctor and obviously he didn't know what to do and he asked another doctor what he would do and he replied 'I concur', that's why I mentioned it"

That's my dad! Forget about "Kids Say the Darn-est Things,"
Retired technologically-challenged Dads Say the Darn-est Things!

The Valsan reference I did understand because he always goes on and on about how he loves that store because of how neatly organized everything is.

There's never a dull conversation, in writing nor in person, when it comes to my dad.

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  1. I actually got that! u know how much I LOVE
    Leo or maybe u dont? That was more my mddle school days, nsync took over high school but i love him too lol ;) I actually heard that phrase for the first time in that movie so I always think of it when I hear it again! Anyway... Fun story, gotta love the dads :)
    Jessica M


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