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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Love is 3/4 Dream and 1/4 Reality

The whole world knew they belong together. They themselves knew.  Neither was strong enough to admit it. They barely admitted it to themselves but could never admit it to each other. Whenever their was an unintentional brush of each other's arms, no eye contact was ever made. Knowing very well that if they looked into each other's eyes they would reveal the secret that they both shared. The truth could not be revealed. Duty to family came before duty to self.

What happens when two people think they love the one's they are with but actually actually know in their hearts that they belong to another? What can be worst then silent unrequited love. They each suffered in silence. Going about their days letting only the thought of the other come into their minds for a brief hasty moment. They knew they could not dwell on the idea of actually being together for longer than that. Anyone could go mad if they were consumed by unattainable desires.

One clear indication of their feelings of each other was how they made sure that they were never left alone with each other. They couldn't even be in the same room of a house alone. As if they would just give in to their passion if they had the opportunity. She did hoped that one day he would give her a verbal confirmation about their mutual affection. She heard him gently whisper in her ear, "I know,"  as they casually crossed path, not even stopping to wait for a response nor a reaction. This thought brought a smile to her face.

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