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Thursday, September 5, 2013

4th Down From 30 Before 40: Get a Degree!

I earned a degree before I turned 30! It's is not my Bachelors but it's an accomplishment nonetheless. I earned my Associate in Science in Business Administration. The degree was awarded on July 30th 2013 but I just received it in the mail. College was a rough start for me when I was 18. I remember going to class and never speaking to anyone. It was very overwhelming. It was all about "get in and get out as fast as you can". I learned the hard way that you have to make friends and study groups. It makes the hard classes bearable and easier.
My experience at Valencia was way better. I met a lot of fun people. Even though our study groups were 50% goofing around, 10% eating and only 40% studying, I still managed to be on the President's List every semester.
I will continue to get my Bachelor's and then my Masters. I have a lifetime ahead of me to finish.

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