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Monday, October 14, 2013

Confessions of a girl: Beautification

I perceive myself as a girly girl still stuck in her chrysalis. A diamond in the rough per se. I love fashion, makeup, nail polishes, heels etc. etc. etc. but I wont buy a fabulous outfit if it's at an absurd and  extravagant price.  Sometimes I wonder if I associate this subject like a work of art. You know when you go to a museum and see an incredible work of art and think to yourself, "Man I wish I could do that!"? Well that's how I feel about all things girl related.

Let me tell you in advance that it is not because I am outnumbered by boys 3:1.
Both times I was told I was having a boy I was actually relieved! How am suppose to raise a girl if I don't know how to be a girl? I mean I have all the emotional elements down pact but I don't have the domestic gene and I don't know how to look the part! I have yet to evolve into mainstream glamour.

Maybe I have and I just find being a girly girl exhausting! I mean who actually has the time to blow dry their hair everyday! Wake up super early to wash the hair that needs to be blow dried daily, shave your legs, pits and  that place down there in between the legs and pits. ;) After washing your face you have the pore cleanser, the toner, then the moisturizer, the eye cream, the foundation,  the powder, the eye shadows (plural because you need 3 shades!), the liner,  the mascara, the bronzer, the blush, the lip liner, lipstick and GLOSS! Geesh
It is exhausting just LISTING IT ALL. And that's just your face. Lets not mention the outfit with all the layers and a million accessories which I also love but always cost more than the outfit itself! I can just hear Clinton and Stacy in my head go on and on about how I learned nothing from How Do I Look?... oh wait It's What Not to Wear? If they were dead they would turn in their graves!

Anyway, like every girl...I have the urge to feel pretty even if most days I look like I give three flying Frankensteins.

Pretty much every Friday is my Beautification Day. I glam it up for myself. Just to be able to say, "yeah I DO clean up nice I know". I also take self-ies and post them on Facebook even though I NEVER have any where to go. Life of a scanty mom!

Now this beautification ritual is extensively long. It takes me a minimum of 4 hours! My favorite part is doing my nail art. A single nail color is boring, I like to go for the whole shebang! I follow CutePolish for all the nail art ideas. My least favorite part? It's a toss up between blow drying my ridiculously long hair and waiting for my nails to dry after every step! Both segments are excruciating.

Tonight, as I was watching the season premier of the Walking Dead, I was thinking to myself: I don't moisturize nearly as enough as I should. So I opened up my dusty Beautification kit and took out a night cream I had bought like a year ago!

 I started thinking to myself why are there so many creams and lotions? Is a cream different from a lotion? Why can't I use the night cream in the day? Will I burn like a vampire if I walk outside while the sun is up, with my night cream on? Then I moved on to the anti aging eye cream. If the night cream has a warning to "stay away from the eyes" why do I feel safe putting the eye cream all around my eyes? 

Somewhere after the scene where Daryl is feeling totally awkward about his new found popularity I starting putting on my hand cream which in my opinion made my hands look greasy. Then I rubbed this really good smelling coconut foot cream on my less than perfect feet. I wonder if this lack of massive moisturizing will come back to haunt me when I am 50. I'll get back to you in 20 years with that!

This is me  as I was writing this blog with my freshly washed un-styled hair and no makeup. This is my good messy hair, you don't want to see this thing tomorrow morning. Now for some Beautification shots.

To motivate myself to be less frumpy I'll post about my beautification day and called it:

Mirror Mirror On the Wall Who's the Fairest of them All...
at least for one day of the week which is usually a Friday?

I KNOW I will never be Keiko Lynn. She is like super fashion vixen. But a girl can be delusional...I mean dream.

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