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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Work Out Wednesday!

Welcome to the first official work out Wednesday. As you know I have been unsuccessfully trying to make working out a habit. My 21 one challenge has been a bust. But I am unofficially trying again. I really need to get this fitness ball rolling and put it on overdrive. "Getting Fit" and "Losing 50 pounds" are 2 out of my Thirty Before 30 items. Those are 2 totally doable things and it would be a shame if I don't complete them. So every Wednesday I will report my progress.

This week actually started at the end of last week. Saturday I walked over 5 miles. That 5 mile walk was what encouraged me to start working out again. On Sunday, my sore legs and I went walking and did leg strengthening. By Monday by legs were throbbing and I almost gave up. Then I remembered that things like Ben-gay and pain killers exists. I am not much of a pill person. When I have a headache I usually suffer through it. But I figured if that's what I have to do then so be it. I am always shocked that those things actually dull/stop the pain! Science! What an amazing thing. On Monday I went to the park with my little one with my Yoga mat and one thick hardcover book of a collection of Dr. Seuss stories. It was perfect. The baby played while I worked out. We were the only one in the park. I did bicep curls with the book after out story time.

Tuesday was the same but we went to the park when many people were there and I was too social. I did manage to squeeze 100 crunches, calf raises and butt lifts. I love talking to the grandparents at the park! But later that afternoon my 8 year old wanted me to work out with him so my workout was well rounded for the day. My kids are really who I am doing this for. Even just watching me try to be fit encourages them to be fit themselves.

So here are my stats.
Weight: 198
Measurements.42" 37" 46" yikes! I had NEVER taken my measurements before and I think I am totally wearing the wrong bra!

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