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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Typography Thursday!

It took me forever to decide what I would dedicate Thursday to. As my title suggests, I chose Typography. I am not a trained graphic designer but I am very intrigued by it. I read a graphic on Pinterest that said Typography is just like a game of  Tetris.

 I have made a couple of "graphics" already and I really enjoyed it.

I know I am far from being an expert in the subject. I am teaching myself this art through trial and error. I study the graphics that catch my eye and try to decipher why I like about them. 

This and photography are one of the few ways I can be artistic. I can't draw or paint. I am a pretty good sketcher though. At the moment it takes quite a long time to get these "graphics" done. I have used Publisher & Corel PaintShop Photo Pro. Predominately I use It is very user friendly for novices like me.

So to kick off the first official TYPOGRAPHY THURSDAY. Here's a photo I took of my son at a park. I turned it into a painting in Corel and then finished editing it on PicMonkey. The poem is from one of our favorite books which is actually in Spanish. 

You can go to my tumbler and view the one I made in spanish. 
The photo editing is different.

I just realized that I obtained the inspiration for this graphic because a while back I checked out Caroline Kennedy's A Family of Poems and Poems to Learn by Heart from the library. All the paintings were done by John J. Muth who also wrote what I call the "Buddhist Panda" books. We I had also checked out on a previous occasion. Well I LOVE John J Muth's watercolors. 
There was a different Robert Louis Stevenson poem in one of Caroline Kennedy's book which is also in The Baby Einstein book we own. Talk about 6 degrees of separation! 

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