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Friday, November 15, 2013

Fancy Friday: to CUT or NOT to CUT?

Well It's Friday again! At first I thought I was going to grow out my bangs but I decided nope, I'll re cut them instead! I don't really have much to say so... on to the pictures!

After Thought: If you're wondering if I feel bad getting all dressed up with no where to go, the answer is ... Sometimes. Today was one of those days. I literally took everything off and got in my PJ's right after I took the photos. Normally however I do feel awesome. Like I said before, It's nice to know I clean up nice. I do this for myself and not for anyone else. So whoever thinks I am insane for doing this then that's fine. I agree it is a little crazy but that doesn't deter me from doing it every week. Besides it's good practice. Eventually when I finally do go out on a Friday night I know I will be able to do it in record time because I have a lot of practice. I was inspired to do Fancy Friday because of Keiko Lynn. She plays dress up EVERYDAY! I hope I can do that one day. This is my first step to being who I want to be without caring what others think.

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