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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Is monogamy unnatural?

If one person was enough wouldn't we all just have one friend? If we can't have only one friend why do we feel that we can only have one person to love? I'm the kind of person that has a very small circle of friends but even I have to admit one friend isn't enough. I've even let go of the stigma of having a "best" friend. So why isn't it acceptable to feel the same way about lovers? Sometimes I feel like being intellectual and chatty. I have a friend who's perfect for that. Sometimes I want to be wild and crazy and reckless, I have a friend for that. Sometimes I feel artsy. Sometimes I feel freaky. My point is, I know there are people that can be all that in one, but when that one person feels artsy I feel freaky. I figured that one dimensional individuals are more compatible with my needs.

I know there are those type of people that can hang with a whole group of people at once. I am not one of those people. I can't always tolerate a plethora of personalities at once.

So why the stigma that we should only be with one mate? Could it be that it's unnatural to think you can be with one single person for the rest of our lives? Maybe the problem is not finding that one perfect person. Maybe everyone that ever gets married is settling. A true progressive individual understands that they will constantly be reinventing themselves. We will want different things at different aspects of your lives.

Is it the fear of dying alone that pushes people to commit to one single person? I think that is a bit selfish. "I need to find someone to take care of me when I  am old."

"When you find the 'one', you will see." Maybe that's not love, maybe its just obsession.

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