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Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Joke of the year: Our trip to NYC was very eventful. I did not only miss one flight... No. I have to challenge myself and miss two flights. How do I feel? A little embarrassed? Obviously. But I don't feel a dark cloud of shame and regret that normally consumes me when things don't go my way. The highlight of me missing my flights? I got to see my two brothers come to my rescue. One will never speak of the event again unless I bring it up the other won't let me forget it.

I wanted to write about it to get over the embarrassment of the whole thing. In reality people miss their flights  everyday. We are only human. Was I a little negligent ... Maybe. I relied on my kids not dropping my wallet of the floor when they were searching for their headphones the first flight I missed and I relied on my memory for the second flight. Ce la vie. I have given people something to talk about. Because one thing I've learned is that people like tend to focus on others' flaws and mistakes to forget theirs. So I'll let those people make their comments and throw their jabs because deep down those people don't know how to be happy if they are not criticizing others. 

Another reason why I am writing this is to remind myself that just like I make mistakes my children will make mistakes. Instead of loosing my cool I will learn to be more understanding about their mistakes. Even as adults we can make the same mistake twice.  

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