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Monday, March 6, 2017

Unspoken Love

Mind, body and soul. Intimacy, passion and commitment. Someone once told me that the right person for you had to have
Shared mentality, shared ideals and physical chemistry.

 I have yet to find that trifecta. At least in the case where it's mutual.
The triangular theory of love. 

 I have been with people that that I am absolutely attracted to but we don't share the same ideals but we share the same hobbies. 

Selfishness, inconsideration. Lack of commitment.

Is avoiding commitment selfish? Is it unfair to spend time with someone that you can't see yourself romantically with.

Am I not affectionate enough?

Is he capable of love?

Is this just friendship.

If it is, I would like to believe I would be okay with that. But when you want to spend more time with that person, when it hurts to part ways; is it safe to say that you want more than friendship?

Does that make me needy? Or is nothing ever enough.

What if I get more interaction time.

Maybe he's just scared you don't feel the same way.

So you start being more open, more supportive, less aggressive. Then you voice that fact that you are actually doing it. 

But you don't get a response.

You stare fondly at him but he barely even looks at you in the eye when he speaks to you.

Maybe he really is just not that into you.

Maybe you both feel the same.

Maybe neither of you are ready.

This could be considered romantic love.

Written April 2016

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