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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Adventures in crafting: Storage Bin Re-Vamp

Organization has been my main concern within my bedroom decoration. It's very hard to keep a room organized when you have 4 people in it. Clothes are all over the floor along with toys and...what's that green gunk? Oh yeah... it's a fruit roll up stuck on the carpet. It's tough living with three boys. That's why I have been trying to brighten up our tight living quarters.

So far I have bought a wardrobe from Ikea to keep the kid's clothes in. (I'll post pictures of it later.) FYI, I bought that sucker in the nick-of-time. It went up to $249! I got it at $199.00; I though it was steal at that price. I also bought a Hemnes dresser in As-Is (love it!) for $100 off! My next project is to paint the knobs in a chevron style.

So anyway...I'll get to the storage bins I promise. We have two Ikea tables as night tables. Not much for storage. I knew I needed to buy some bins to place under the table for storage. I found 2 bins on sale at Target! If you don't know by now, Ikea & Target are my favorite stores! The only problem with the storage bins is that they were green. Green is not one of my colors in my decor palette.  I have an obsession with all shades teal, aqua & turquoise. 

I made a trip to Michael's & bought some acrylic paint stencil. At first I thought about making my own stencil but I don't think I am there yet. Martha Stewart to the rescue. I have a love/hate relationship with Martha. I love her products but hate her prices. Come on Martha let's not be greedy. Being greedy landed you in jail last time. I bought her acrylic paints because they were on sale. I bought her stencils because I had a 40% coupon from Michael's. I also bought craft smart because they had the aqua color I liked.

I also bought these Martha Stewart foam brushes
that attach to her acrylic paint bottles. I should have
known there was a reason why they were on clearance.
They were very flimsy. Very cheap quality. The foam
ripped off after each side I painted. There were 6 in the
 package  I used up 5 of them. I didn't remember
reading anything about them being "disposable." What a
disappointment. I pushed threw through & finished the project.
First I covered each side with 2 coats of the light
aqua paint. Then I stenciled the Moroccan design.
I am trying an eclectic print theme for the room.

My personal photographer, Jayden was there to capture me stenciling.
If you have no Idea who Jayden is, his bio is right here.

Then Tah-Dah! And to think I did this all in the Florida heat! I am proud of my imperfect job!

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  1. Awesome i love it !!! i am going to start this week on my room... wish me luck =)


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