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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Family Outing: Ice Skating

To escape the Florida heat we decided to cash in a Groupon and go ice skating! I love Groupon. We get to try new things as a family for a discounted price! For $22.00 we got 4 admissions with upgraded skates, 4 sodas & 4 popcorns. Tristan didn't really count as an admission because kids under 3 are free. The manager was kind enough to accommodate & gave us 2 free walkers for the kids. I love reasonable business owners.
For a family of four, 4 hours of entertainment for $22.00 is a steal!

I layered the kids in warm clothing but after skating so much they wanted to take off their sweaters. The one thing they did complain about was not having gloves. Their poor little hands were freezing from touching the ice to pick themselves up. Also the metal walkers kept Tristan's hands cold. At first Tristan was holding on to the walker for dear life. He wrapped his hands around the bar and was dangling on his armpits. When the hubby skated really fast for the first time it sparked a huge smile on Tristan's face. A love for skating was born. When Jayden was 2 years old he also went ice skating. If I recall correctly he did pretty well too. 

Jayden used the walker at the beginning. The walker is actually pretty fun because you can go faster than you would on your own. Jayden was trying tricks with the walker. He still managed to fall...A LOT. However, he would quickly get up and keep on. Eventually he developed enough confidence to do it on his own. He would even go on the rink by himself. Tristan would go in and out many time & the hubby & I had to take the skates off a couple of times. It was 4 hours! It's a work out. From time to time a break is needed! Jayden was so proud of himself that he told me I should just go return the walker. Apparently he felt like a pro because he said he wanted to play hockey. When I told him he needs to learn how to skate first he answered "I already know how to skate; Didn't you see me?" Tristan developed confidence as well. By the end of the session he was skating around by himself with the walker. Everyone in the rink was amazed by him; As was I. Amazed and extremely amused. I fully enjoyed watching them have this experience. The hubby enjoyed it just as much as I did! Could this be happening? Have I finally chosen something that no one has anything to complain about? 

By gosh I did it! There was no grumpiness, no complaining, no pleading to go home, and most importantly there was zero under-appreciation! At dinner I asked Jayden what was his favorite part of the day. His answer? Playing Xbox with his friends... that knocked me off my high horse. Even when you win, you still don't really win. The hubby reassured me that it's a kid thing. Right now he is really into video games. I could have taken him to Universal Studios, met ALL the super heroes and he still the highlight of his day would have been..."playing Xbox" even if he only played for thirty minutes. At least Tristan is still in the stage where he is easily entertained by mom. When I asked him what his favorite part of his day was he answered, "Falling on the ice, it was funny." I'll take the win.

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