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Friday, March 8, 2013

The Joys (or Pains) of Motherhood: Minecraft

"That's not gold's BUTTER!" If you have heard your child running around talking about "butter" then you are the mom to a minecraft fanatic.
Minecraft  is like a Lego set without the horrible mess and horrible foot pain. It's a virtual Lego set. It has all the kids going  crazy. Even some adults. My Jayden can spend hours on YouTube watching videos about Minecraft.

We are a family who LOVE conventions. We have been to Mega-con and Star Wars Celebration (twice). For each convention my boys (including my hubby) have gone in costume. 

                                                                      Exhibit A B & C:

Our first year at Megacon we saw a bunch of people walking around with these pixelated heads and I had no idea what they were. It thought it was an ode to some 1990 video game character. It turns out to be a Minecraft character. 

So this year for Mega con I thought it would be cool if I made the kiddos a costume of Minecraft but Star Wars theme. I started working on a sketch today before Jayden got home from school. When Jayden got home he took a look at my sketch and immediately started to criticize it and like a true artist he took over.

We will be working on it this weekend. I'll make sure to reveal the end result.

Check out the progress so far here! I will end up making the whole body little by little so that by October he has his Halloween costume.

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