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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Family Outing: Camping

I sit here, exhausted beyond belief, to write this post. Why am I exhausted you ask. Well you probably aren't guessing since you obviously read the title of the post: CAMPING. 

A better question would be, why in the world would I decide to blog instead of taking a long needed nap? EXCITEMENT. I am still running on adrenaline fueled by the most rewarding weekend in a long time. 

Going through the blog you will see that we haven't had a family outing in a while. I was starting to feel guilty as a mom. I mean we go to the park, and the Mickie D's playground but nothing excited and new had been done. 
I feel terrible when my Jayden writes "This weekend I played XBox all weekend" for his Monday school journal entry. Don't judge me! It happens... quite a lot. We can't all be super moms. Some of us live in reality without nannies. 

Consequently I want to write about it while it is fresh in my mind. 

This camping adventure was pretty spontaneous! Our cub scout pack had this camping trip planned but I was apprehensive about the whole camp out with a toddler (Tristan)! The last time the pack had a camp out we were all ready to go but the weather didn't permit us. For that trip I over-planned and over-prepared. I was exhausted before getting there. Since the weather at night was going to be bad we only showed up for the day activities and my Jayden was heartbroken. The kid has a way to make me feel like a horrible person with those big puppy eyes of his. Regrettably this time we were going to do the same nonetheless. Jayden was more understanding this time around, no guilt trip for me. 

The day activities included fishing, a farm tour, regatta races (spectating not competing: me rowing in this shape? I don't think so), crafting, hiking, bonfire (with s'mores, stories and singing) and of course barbecuing. 

The hubby needed to leave early from the campsite to exchange cars and head back. Since he was going home anyway, I decided to call him and tell him to bring the camping gear. He was hesitant but obliged regardless. BEST DECISION EVER! Besides the uncomfortable night sleep (the hubby wanted a true camping experience so we had no air mattress) we all had a great time. This is all we brought:

1 2-person tent (perfect for sleeping a family with 2 children under 8 years old and 2 adults.
2 large blankets (one to place on the floor of the tent and one to cover the adults
1 kids sleeping bag (for Jayden)
2 nursery comforters (for Tristan)
2 king size pillows
1 standard pillow
1 pair of pajamas (for mom, the boys slept in their clothes)
extra pair of clothes for the boys(encase the clothes the boys were wearing got too filthy or wet)
sweaters for everyone (good thing because it was nippy at night)
1 large packet of hot dogs
1 packet of buns
1 box of graham cracker
1 packet of chocolate bars
1 bag of marshmallows
1 large roasting skewer fork (I think that's what you call them)
1 fishing rod (used hot dogs as bait)
1 large water canteen
2 folding chairs (never used)

It seems like a lot but it's really not. We managed just fine with only these items but I would also recommend:

1 queen size AIR MATTRESS (a must for a good night sleep)
1 toddler sleeping bag to keep him from sleeping on top of you or moving around.
headband flashlights (that's what I call them the boys call them mining flashlights)
SUNBLOCK (obvious, yet I forgot mine and my face is all red)
Outdoor Bug repellent (not necessary in the Florida winter) 
Towels ( if you don't want to smell like smoke you must take a shower!)
A cooler with juices sodas and milk because kids get bored of water.
Lots of snacks because the wilderness makes kids extra hungry.

The best part about the camping was the group we went with. Our Cub Scout pack is amazing! Everyone was so neighborly. We got help pitching the tent (I think that's the lingo). Everyone shared their extra food; our tent neighbor even made us a scrambled egg sandwich  for breakfast in her outdoor kitchen (super awesome kitchen but I don't think we'll invest in one). I was very grateful to the whole pack. They were a huge reason our camping experience was amazing despite our lack of preparation.

Believe it or not I am actually less exhausted now than I was when I started the post. Good riddance! 

I had something different to write about but this took priority.

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