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Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Dreamer in Me: Fictional Characters

I am not a big fan of actors. I think it's ridiculous how everyone idolizes them. I don't fawn over them or dream of being Mrs. Brad Pitt. 

I do however dream of being Mrs. Tristan Ludlow. 
I don't know what it is about us women falling for the damaged guy that we think we can fix. Like men are projects or something.

Fantasizing about fictional characters is a pass time of mine. 
Besides Tristan Ludlow who my own son was named after, there are other characters I imagine marrying.

For many years, my friend V and I would argue about Team Jack vs. Team Sawyer.

For many seasons I thought that Sawyer was the way to go. But one day I decided that Jack was my man. 

It could have been the flash forward season when you realized that Jack was way more messed up than Sawyer. But to this day even after the series ended I still find myself fantasizing about Jack. The hubby and I were at a convention and we had gotten separated  When he came back he told me "I just saw Matthew Fox."  My eyes lit up and I jumped and screamed "Jack is here!" Then my hubby said "nah, i'm just kidding." What a cruel joke.

My other favorite fictional husband is a little more childish. He is animated ,which makes him even less plausible for me to ever marry. I don't care. 
Dimitri from Anastasia. Isn't he dreamy. It may be that he is played by John Cusack. Who doesn't see John Cusack as a hopeless romantic? I guess I like the illusion of a con man who gets changed by a woman. Then again if that was the case, I would have been Team Sawyer in my previous fantasy. What can I say. I am a complex lover.

Most recently I have one character that makes me weak at the knees. However I have a lot of competition. Not only with Carol but with another million women who watch The Walking Dead. 

O.K. I am back. I needed to change my panties. Daryl Dixon is my new obsession. I could care less for Rick, Shane, Glen (he is my second most favorite character), or the Governor. I would have them all die together before they killed off Daryl. I am pretty sure I would stop watching the show all together. Maybe.

Daryl is the best written character of all time. His story has been well developed and well evolved. I fall in love with him a little bit more with every episode; even if he only has 3 seconds of screen time and no lines. 

Obviously Norman is a fabulous actor. I first met him watching Boondock Saints on Netflix. 

Guess what! I am going to get to meet him!!!!! He is coming to town as a special guest in Spooky Fest! So excited. My husband tells me I have to pay for that and I said "I DON'T CARE!" Then I thought about and I really wouldn't pay because I am not that big of a freak. Let's hope he's a cool guy and lets me meet him without me having to pay for it. Because that would just make him a gigolo of some kind.
I'll keep you posted on my encounter or lack of.

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