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Saturday, April 13, 2013

The World Through the Perspective of an 8 Year Old: The 2013 TIME 100 Poll

Everyday I am more amazed at how my eight year old Jayden views the world. 

As you know he is a huge Minecraft fan. I hear stories about Notch, Harobrine, "Budder" and Jeffrey ALL DAY! Therefore, I have to be a fan by association. I won't lie, the game has grown on me. If you can't beat them join them. To be up to date with the world of Minecraft I became a Facebook fan. Today we got a status update that Notch is in the running for Time's 100 list of 2013. Surprise, surprise, Jayden told me we had to vote "absolutely" for him. 

I decided to go through the list with him and here are his thoughts.

Mohamed Morsi (President of Egypt): I obviously need to keep up with my current events because I didn't know who he was. Jayden said "Absolutely! Every president should be on the list." This turned into a lesson on government and leaders. I explained to him that not every leader of a country was elected and not all leaders are good leaders. He said we learned too much yesterday so we didn't research Morsi.

Kim Jong Un (North Korea Leader): I used him as an example as a bad leader for his obsession with missiles.

Psy (Gnamnam Style): He didn't recognize him without the sunglasses but when I told him who he was and was like Absolutely.

Jackie Chan: He said absolutely because he is the voice of Monkey in Kung Fu Panda

Then we walked away. 

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