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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Adventures in Crafting: Baby Shower Card

It is better to give.

There is nothing more thoughtful than making a greeting card by hand. It is also super fun!
I have made quite a few greeting cards myself. All have been things I've recreated from Pinterest. So when I made one (well embellished) all on my own, I asked myself: has original creativity finally rubbed off on me?

I am quite proud of myself for making this card without consulting the internet for creativity! I made this card in a bit of a rush so I started with a blank Hallmark note card I bought like 10 years ago ( I am a greeting card hoarder). Before I started making cards I would spent hours at hallmark when I needed to get a card because I wanted to be perfect. Neurotic? I know! Eventually I started buying blank cards.

Now since I acquired a massive amount of cardstock from my scrapbooking years, I put it to good use for card making.

So I gathered up my materials and this is what I started with:

I have a collection of paint chips for a certain home improvement store that I use to make die cuts. 

After I glued the ribbon, cut out my hand drawn onesie and dress, glued those to the die cut and glued the die cut, the card came together.

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