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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Becoming less Judgemental

I always wonder if I am too judgmental. Sometimes I catch myself being judgmental and other times I am accused of it when I totally felt like I wasn't. Honestly I don't know if and when I am being judgmental. Doesn't everyone judge? I think Pooh bear is the only one who takes things at face value. EVERYONE JUDGES. Some people are just more sneaky about it. Even when you are thinking it, even though you are not voicing.

I took a quiz on whether or not I am judgmental and the results were eye opening. Here's what it told me:


You like people a lot, but you suspect that everyone harbours attitudes you wouldn't approve of. So, as soon as you spot any of these, you either run very quickly in the other direction, or let rip, spouting about how you are always surrounded by egotists, hypocrites or aggressive people.

 You think that everyone else is considerably rougher around the edges than you are. But if the criticisms you make of other people are always the same, it's probably because the traits you are drawing attention to are somewhat familiar. You need to understand that the characteristics you can't stomach in others also feature in the darker sides to your own make-up.

 Like so many mirrors, the people that you don't like in fact reflect your own shortcomings. Listen to what you are saying about others and take your own advice with the aim of moving forward. 

As soon as you feel like judging the person in front of you ask yourself the following questions: What faults am I accusing them of having? Do I have the same idiosyncrasies? 

By learning to accept your dark side, you will lose the compulsion to project your imperfections onto those around you.

 It's very important that you do this because it will help you to grow as a person and will change the way you see the world."

I thought this was super insightful! I love learning about myself.
Find out If You Are Judgmental. 

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