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Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Story of Us: Part One, In the beginning.

How does one write a story that spanned over 10 years. Especially without sounding bias. I want to be true to our story but I never really knew his side. So let's just simply start with facts.

I was 17 and had just graduated high school. I was working at Eckerd (now CVS). I decided I wanted a better job and I started applying to different places. My best friend at the time, Stephanie, and I were trying to find something together. Our friendship had drifted apart and felt this is what we needed to rekindle it. She and I were going to different colleges so we knew we probably wouldn't see much of each other.

We came across a job that read. "Photographer wanted. No experience necessary. Will train. Must be bilingual."

Stephanie was not bilingual, and not knowing that this would inevitably be the last positive thing that would ever come out of her mouth towards me, she said "You should totally apply for that job, it's perfect for you." She knew I loved photography.

Stephanie was right, the job was perfect for me. Of course this sent me on the path that I currently just departed from. The day of my orientation I was told that I needed to drive to a different location for training. At that time I had a car but I had no license and had no idea how to even drive my stick shift car. I told the manager that I don't have any mode of transportation and she asked the other girl that she had just hired if she wouldn't mind letting me carpool with her. So this goth chick with a very sweet demeanor said, "of course", without hesitation. This goth chick was no other than Karol, my future hubby's sister.

Karol and I quickly became best friends and were attached at the hip. We were so close people even thought we were lesbians. Well Karol's family for some reason thought she might be a lesbian so I was also a lesbian by association. For my 18th birthday, Karol threw me a very intimate Lilo & Stitch party at the park with my closest friends. We later ended the night skinny dipping at the beach. This was the time to be young and crazy and wild.

Karol and I were friends for like 3 months probably before she took me to her brother Alan's house and that's were I first met Luimmy. He made our first meeting very awkward. His first words were "Hey Karol, who's your friend, she has nice tits." I should have known then. Our meeting was not romantic at all, what made me think the rest of our story ever would be?

Eventually Karol and I would spend most of our year hanging out with her eldest brother. He was 26 at that point. He was able to get us into the clubs. We in turn paid for his drinks... second and third warning.

This whole time I had been on and off with my boyfriend at the time. December of that year (2002) was the first time I was diagnosed with depression. I took a trip to Europe with my friend V and when I came back I officially ended things with the on again off again boyfriend. I was devastated and the least likely of individuals was there to comfort me; Luimmy. I could have mistaken his friendliness for something else. That should have been his first warning sign that I was emotionally unstable. He actually held me in his arms and tried to console me. To be honest I think this was the only time he ever cared about how I was feeling. I believe he hated my ex ever since that moment. I like to believe that he loved me so much that he couldn't bare to see me hurt and hated that person that caused me that pain.

For the next 9 months we continued hanging out. Until one day while we were at a club as a big group something happened. While we were dancing he tried to kiss me. Out of respect to Karol not rejection towards him, I avoided the kiss. He claims he was very hurt by my rejection. So hurt in fact that he went and started making out with another good friend of mine. Warning sign number 4. If I didn't know I liked him before that I sure did at the moment. I was so furious and jealous. It didn't make it any easier that everyone was making out with everyone! What was happening with my friends? People that didn't even like each other were making out and we were not on drugs! It was a very confusing night.

 Those bastards (Luimmy and Kris) had the audacity to walk back to the car holding hands! That was the first time I started giving him attitude when he did something I didn't like. Should have been his second warning sign.

Nothing ever really developed between Kris and him, maybe because she saw that I cared or maybe because he was just using her to make me jealous.

Eventually him and I did finally kiss and became an item on October 11th 2003. We kept it a secret from Karol until Halloween. She was put in a position where she had to accept it.She forgave us and that is how Luimmy and I's tragic love story had began. Looking back I realized that I truly was in love with the idea of him. As cliche as it sounds. Since I always liked to focus on the good of people, I fell in love not with who he was but rather who I knew he could become. We didn't know it then but t was doomed from the beginning.

 I was excited and hopeful of what the future would bring.  By the end of my 2nd semester in college I felt it was not for me. A semester later I decided that I was simply just scared of college but I needed to finish it. I thought maybe a change of scenery would do it. I always wanted to go to college away from home. His sister, his cousin, him and I went to check out Full Sail in Orlando. We all knew that we wanted careers in the arts. So we decided to better ourselves and go for it. We did bring out the best in each other in the beginning. But things didn't worked out as I planned. I had expectations and with every second that those expectations were not met the illusion would dissipate.

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