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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Tristan Style!

Four years ago today my second bundle of joy came into my life. I remember it like it was yesterday. I went to a normal doctors appointment in the morning. My OB-GYN told me to get a sonogram done at South Miami Hospital. So I went in for the sonogram and the technician told me that I was to have this baby today! It was the same experience as my first. I called in to work and told my Kiddie Kandids girls that I won't be going in to work that day or anytime in the next 3 months! (Little did I know I was never going back to Kiddie Kandids EVER.)

The doctor came in to induce me sometime after 6:00 p.m. and at around 11:30 pm. the doctor told me I would start pushing soon! I started freaking out because Luimmy had gone to drop off my mother at home and was taking FOREVER to get back. Luckily my mother-in-law's sister, Evelin, was there (so my aunt-in-law) and I couldn't have a better person by my side. I was still having a panic attack because I needed my hubby by my side. The hubby got to the hospital in the nick of time because seconds after he showed up Tristan Style Arzeno-Deleon came into this world.

Evelin captured an amazing video of the birth but Facebook took it down!

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