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Friday, January 3, 2014

What does my favorite TV show say about me?

There are so many blogs dedicated to TV shows. I especially love Hello Giggles. They  have many different contributors who write about different shows, both current and retro. The site was founded by Zooey Deschanel who of course plays Jess on The New Girl. But when asked "what is your favorite TV show?" I didn't say The New Girl. Don't take it personal Zooey!

I have MANY favorite TV shows. I have commitment issues when it comes to choosing a favorite anything. I guess you can call me a TV show slut. It's o.k. I don't mind. I am comfortable with my label.

I love my friend V. More than she knows and more than I show. But whenever she asks me questions I always seem to be put on the spot! It's probably because she is in graduate school for psychology and I think she is psycho analyzing me. I don't really mind if she is psychoanalyzing me but I really want to put thought into my answers.  I always over analyze my response.
Also I don't want to look like a TV junkie. But I probably do watch more TV than I should. DARN YOU NETFLIX!
So after rambling on and over thinking a little bit, I came up with

So let me psychoanalyze my choice.

What girl doesn't love fairy tales? Every little girl at one point or another has wanted to be a princess. Even the ones that grow up to be CEO's, Lawyers or Engineers. But when it comes to Once Upon a Time, what I love the most is the twists that ABC/Disney has added. I like how the show reveals that every good characters has a dark side and that every bad character has a light side. It goes hand in hand with my belief that there is good in everyone and that even the best person can sometimes make bad decisions but there is nothing you can't come back from.

Do I also secretly wish I was on a never ending adventure filled with magic and the search for true love? Hell yeah. But when you think about it, aren't we all on an adventure? We just have to be able to recognize the opportunities. Life is one big SWOT analysis. We should constantly be aware that we can turn a weakness into a strength and a threat into an opportunity.

These are top five things Once Upon a Time has that makes me think it may be my favorite show:

1) Love always finds a way.
2) The purest souls are capable of bad things and the darkest souls can achieve redemption.
3) Even the most lost soul can find an amazing and marvelous destiny.
4) Even true love gets tired of constantly fighting to stay together but hope is what keeps them together.
5) A united family is the most powerful magic of all.

Believe me when I say there are many other reasons why I love this show. Might as well discover it for yourself. It's on Netflix.

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