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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Progress of my New and Improved Self

It has been 6 months into my 30's. Subtle changes have occurred. Subtle, yet self-evident. I don't even know where to begin. There have been so many people responsible for my growth: many of them unaware of the impact they have made on me. The mushy part of me wants to let it be know but the self contained me says "chill, don't be so overbearing." Lets be honest I am over bearing by nature. They say don't hide who you are but even I know how annoying it can me.

Life is still a struggle between being an introvert vs an extrovert. I've definitely been more adventurous lately. I find that I stretch myself too thin sometimes. But I have been pushing through it. I've learned to cherish the little things. Something as simple as going on a night stroll with my boys, lifts up my demeanor.

I have been working out for 4 weeks now. I already feel a difference. I feel stronger and more energetic. I have improved my eating habits. I have even considered going vegetarian! I bought some tofu this week to try it out. I have not yet. Baby steps. My whole life has always been slow and steady. It's funny how my work self and home/life self are different. At work I do everything with urgency. It comes naturally. But in the real world...I don't know what else to call it, I am just like the Of Monster and Men song:
"I move slow and steady, but I feel like a waterfall."

My fitness has taken over my life. I am grateful for the support my mom has provided. She doesn't mind watching the kids late and she even prepares me veggie meals. The kids don't seem to mind that I get home only an hour before they have to go to bed. I still am dedicating my weekends to them. Our weekends have been more and more physical in nature.

My emotional self has gone through a metamorphosis as well. Taking things personal has been controlled. I have learned to detach myself from emotional situations. It's difficult to explain my mental state without really explaining the situation. In laments  terms I try not to get attached to people. I've learned to appreciate having acquaintances. Not everyone needs to be my friend. I've also learned to nurture my true friendships.

I still have a long way to go for my self-reliance tour. From here on out I will hit the ground running.

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