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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Self Expression or Lack There of...

There are moments when I wish I had an artistic talent. How I wish I could express my feelings through a different medium. When I'm overly emotional and extra sensitive that even the words cannot come to mind. I feel like I tend to rant too much when I am over flowing with emotions. I wish I could put these emotions in an instrumental number or a painting. Instead, I simply drown in the emotions of those talented people that compose such beautiful melodies that sound exactly how I feel even when the lyrics don't match. Instead I ramble on. With no one being able to understand what goes on inside this mind even though the expressions on my face say it all. But no one bothers to look. No one can be bothered.

I am probably the most difficult human being on the face of this planet but I still deserve love and affection. Every one does. I feel so invisible. I feel so lonely. What good is it to have it all if you have no one to have it with. Someone on the same mental level as me. What good is to to grow if you have no one to grow with and experience the same journey with you. I relate everything to my life to an emotion.

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