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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Boys To Men Part 2

Three years ago I wrote a little post to accompany a graphic I worked on that contained the same exact Phillips Brooks quote. I first saw this quote when I dabbled in some scrap-booking.

The uncertainty of the future used to cause me some major anxiety. Imagining my boys' future, however gives me peace.

My ultimate favorite pastime with my boys is having conversation. Jayden, my eldest, hates it when I ask him about school. "Every day is the same thing." he tells me. Everyday we have the same conversation but every once in a while I hold a conversation with him that most adults would find hard to keep up with. Tonight we discussed an array of topics. It all started with him witnessing a phone call I made to the IRS. He was curious about what the IRS was and why they would owe me money. I began to explain taxes. I realized that I have to explain income. So I took out my last pay-stub and began my explanation. Pretty soon the conversation turned into an explanation on savings and the difference between credit and debit (not in accounting terms). We discussed the meaning of credit cards and loans. Something amazing happened. He tied in something he learned in school about what is is to buy something on credit. (Way to go Mrs. Puga on exposing her students to finance.)

"So you have learned something new in school! It's not really the 'same old-same old' is it!" I exclaimed. From there we discussed my goal of me saving to buy a house with a yard. I explained 401K and savings.

Eventually we discussed college. I told him that he should try his best to find what he truly loves to learn about so that he chooses the right field of study in college. I shared with him that I think he would be a good lawyer but he is not really comfortable defending people who are guilty. I explained to him he can work for the prosecution. This kid has a very high moral compass. He makes me proud everyday.

We discussed the importance of grades to get scholarships. I told him that regardless I would make sure his college is paid but to avoid private schools because I would never be able to afford that.
"So I can't go to Harvard?" he asked.
"Not unless you get a scholarship" I said. He pondered a bit.
"What's the best school for coding?" he asked.
"MIT" I said, "It's in Massachusetts."
"MASSACHUSETTS!!!! But I thought it was in California."

He makes me laugh. I wish I had recorded the conversation we had today. It was so complex and fascinating.

I ended the conversation by reiterating that the goal in life is to find something he loves to do and is good at. Find your passion. But then I ended on a joke after coming full circle and returning to wages and taxes and bills:

"Don't grow up Jayden, IT'S A TRAP!"

He laughed out loud  and referenced Star Wars. It was a perfect moment. It was a win for parenting and motherhood.

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