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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Family Outing: Cocoa Beach

I don't give the beach enough credit. I always wonder what all the beach lovers big deal is? I think what discourages me from being a beach lover is the required prep work. Planning is a necessity with 3 boys who have black wholes as stomachs. I always need to take hefty sandwiches, a variety of fruits, donuts/cookies/cupcakes and soda. However if I was to win the lottery I would absolutely invest in a beach house. With a fully stocked refrigerator and pantry. It doesn't even have to have bedrooms. The whole house can just be one large kitchen with a couple of airbeds.  Even my husband mentioned it as we were getting there. "We should just move here and live at the beach." He is notorious for his dead-serious impromptu decisions. If I would have agreed he would have done it. 

One thing is for sure. If I owned a beach house my sister-in-law & my dad would fight for it. Those are the beach bums in the family. My dad always likes to reminisce about how his best memories were when he worked & lived on the beach. He went for a morning swim every single day before work. 

People say the beach is really far away from where we live. I say it takes the same time as if we were going to the beach in traffic. The only pitfall of getting to the beach from where we live...the tolls! Before we got to the beach we wanted to surprise Jayden with a body board. We bought him a cheap Target one last year and we ended up leaving it in pieces at the beach. We figured we should invest in a good quality board. Of course if you are going to boogie board you must have a rash guard. In addition, Tristan needs one too. We bought him a cheap one. How much boarding is he really going to do? As we are paying for parking my husband says "We haven't even gotten to the beach and we've already spent like $100.00" I laughed. It was true. Between food, tolls, equipment, parking & gas it was about $100.00. I hate seeing "going to the beach" under "free family activities." LIES!!! The beach is no where near free. It is not even an affordable family activity! But it is worth every penny. My kids love the beach. I love watching them play in the sand & the water. Jayden was so proud that he was able to catch many waves and ride them all the way to the shore. Tristan, just likes pulling the board. 

Tristan loves being carried in the water. He fully enjoys jumping waves. His favorite moment was being chased by his daddy on the sand. I like being in the water but not with waves. I also like just laying on the sand and literally be a beach bum. As we were having lunch my hubby was already thinking about what we were going to eat after the beach. On the way home we stopped at a local pizzeria. The pizza was really good. It was a great family outing. We'll have to go back again before summer is over.

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