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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Adventures in Fitness: 21 days straight challenge!

Take one: Action!

I have decided to make a New Year's resolution in March. Let's be honest with ourselves: How many of you have actually kept up with the New Year's resolutions you made on January 1st? I'll give you a hint, probably like 10 percent. I knew I wouldn't start that early so I made non. That does not mean they are not important and necessary.

My resolution for spring will be to lose 50 lbs by summer! That Means that by June 12 ( I think summer actually starts on the 21st but whatever) I should have lost 50 lbs. At first I had said that I was going to do it by my birthday but June 12 sounds better.

Three weeks ago my hubby signed us up to the gym. Read the last paragraph on my earlier post here. I finally went last Monday for the first time. Yesterday a couple of people on Facebook started talking about losing weight and we should try and do it together as a contest. So I decided to join in. My contributor who has yet to post anything said something that stuck with me: It takes 21days to form a habit. Being the nerd that I am I researched it and learned that not everyone agrees with this. But if I believe then it WILL happen!

Also I started researching fitness blogs. I typed losing weight in your late 20's. No luck but I did find this one interesting blog that jumped out at me: NERD FITNESS
 I'll post other's as I find them.


One of my challenges with weight loss before has been making it a habit. I want to make it such a habit that instead of me saying (tone: sluggishly like Eeyore) "ugh I have to go to the gym" I want to say (tone: obsessively & excitingly like Tigger) I HAVE to go to the gym!

Over eating is not a problem. I actually tend to forget to eat and end up having only 1-2 LARGE meals a day. That's going to be my biggest challenge  I don't want to be preparing 5 small meals a day! If you guys have suggestions I would love to hear them!

Drinking water. It's not that I don't like water. I just don't like having to pee every hour! The urgency to pee is the worst feeling in the world for me! Water goes straight through me!

UPDATE: I almost forgot one more very important challenge. Going to bed early enough to wake up at 6:00 a.m. My goal is to go to the gym at 6:00 a.m. but I like to play XBOX at night and my peeps don't get on until 10:00 p.m. and I NEED 8-10 hours of sleep. I know I know, I need to get my priorities straight and put the controller down! Maybe this will be the hardest challenge.

If I can overcome these challenges I should be fine. So here we go!

3/12/13 DAY 1: Did 25 minutes of cardio and 35 minutes of abs and arms. Weight 205 (Shocking I know! But I really don't look it. I mean I look "fluffy" but I am also big boned. It's true!)

3/13/13 DAY 2: I actually woke up at 6:30 a.m. to head to the gym early but it was not in cards to go that early. The freaking car wouldn't start. By the time the car situation was resolved I had to get to class. I made it to the gym at 2:00 p.m. HUNGRY! Did 30 minutes of Cardio and 20 minutes of ab weights.
Weight 204 ( I must have been bloated yesterday)

3/14/13 DAY 3: Happy Pi Day! How Ironic. Made it to the gym again today. This time I did 45 minutes cardio and 45 minutes of weight training.
Weight 206 (Must have been that pizza I had for dinner at 8:30 p.m.)

For those of you skinny bitches that only need to lose 5-15 lbs, enjoy this!

4/9/13 Come back soon, I will be restarting my 21 day challenge! Read about how I failed the first time around.


Take 2: Action!

"If at first you don't succeed try, try again"

It is May 11th so 2 months since I started this challenge but have yet to accomplish. I put "getting fit" as something I need to do before I am 30. It WILL happen.

I have cancelled my gym membership. Being a full time mom/student and soon be full time employee, it was really difficult to make it to the gym but I can work out at home! Then when the habit has been created I can revisit the gym membership.

The majority of people always wait till Monday to start a workout routing or a diet. To me that is just another excuse to procrastinate. You should start the minute you think of it, if not then you are probably not really serious about it. To be able to succeed at anything you have to first be honest with yourself. Don't get me wrong, I have done it before and obviously I was not serious about it.

Besides me wanting to get fit for vain reasons as "I want to look good in everything" I really mostly want to get fit for my children. "I want to feel good doing anything." My oldest is really into soccer and even running. He asks me to go jogging with him all the time. My body is way too heavy to go running. I don't jog...I trot! It's not a pretty picture!

To promote fitness I decided to make him my trainer and coach. I knew he would have a blast. What kid doesn't find it satisfying to boss his mother around for a change! In our first session he pretended to be his soccer coach: accent and all. He is really good at impersonating people. It really makes me laugh. So here we go again:

My coach made me trot. It was 100 degrees outside! My trainer made me work out till I almost passed out! He is the little kid version of Jillian Michaels but way funnier. He called me a Fathlete... a fat person who is trying to be an athlete. That really made me laugh.

The weather was perfect in the evening! It was cool and breezy, nothing like the day before. I came home starving at 6:00 pm. but I knew if I ate first I would not have gotten a work out in. 

Day four was busy. My trainer had practice and a den meeting so by the time we got home it was bed time. His assistant took over the training and photographed

Day 5 was a long day too. This time I had class in the evening. I didn't start until like 10:30 p.m.! I need to be careful because then the next day I may be getting closer to midnight! I think i'll work out at the park while Jayden is having soccer practice.

No photo of me for day 6. But I did exercise I promise! While Jayden was in soccer practice I lunged around the entire park!. Between all the squats, lunges and but lifts this week my butt is ridiculously sore! On a side not the photo above was taken by my 3 year old Tristan! My toddler is talented!

I have come to the end of day seven My shadow was shaking in it's boots for a weigh-in.

I probably should have weighed myself again on day 1 but I forgot. Anyhow, from 2 months ago I have lost  8 pounds. I weigh 197. Not bad not bad. *giving self pat on the back* I am 1/3 of the way there! For the habit building, not the 50 lbs. 

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  1. Good job I am proud of you I start again tomorrow going to take pics to keep me motivated


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